Center for monitoring and research on Monday, 11 th April 2016 in PR Center, with the beginning at 10h, organized first meeting with decision makers at national level within the project „Be ready for EU values“. At the meeting representatives of the state institutions, non-government, pupils’ and student organizations were talking, in order to have a discussion about key challenges of youth in Montenegro. Through the identification of the key authorities, within it is need to implement politics for their promotion and constant providing further support for reform implementation, the decision makers compared current situation in Montenegro with situation in EU members. According to that, at the meeting were the representatives of the Ministry of education in Montenegro, Bureau of Montenegro, Statistical Office of Montenegro (MONSTAT ), National Erasmus+ office, and the representatives of non-government organizations dealing with issues of youth people in Montenegro, and pupils’ and students organizations. The decision makers in Montenegro should invest their own efforts, in order to personal achievements and equal chances for all become values for youth employment – as the executive director of CeMI, Nikoleta Tomović, said. The representative of the National Erasmus+ office, Ranko Lazović, said that investments in youth education, in new skills and competencies – be useful for individuals, organizations and institutions, and for whole society. The director of the Directorate for High education in the Ministry of Education, Biljana Mišović, said that besides the fact that Montenegro spends 4,2% of GDP on education at the national level of Montenegro, youth with Bachelor degree have a problem with the labour market, because employers do not recognize that diploma, specially in state institutions, where they prefer Specialistic studies „as a recurrence something that existed in ex Yu“.​ The advisor in Bureaue of Montenegro, Jevrosima Pejović, said that high unemployment rate of youth to 24 years (34,5%) is worrying. As she said, today we have about ten thousand of uneployment high school students at the Bureaue record, and regard to 2012 it is about 40% more The representative of the Statistical Office of Montenegro, Irena Varagić, said that their institution conducted research „ Way from school to employment“, which included three thousand at the national level, and focus population are, as she said, youth between 15 and 29 years. The results of this research showed to us that one part of this population have stable job, indefinitely job, and on the other hand, we have youth people who think that stable job is if they have contract longer than one year and that job stability depends on salary. First meeting with the decision makers is organized within the project „Be ready for EU values“ which is implemented by Center for Monitoring and research (CeMI) in cooperation with partners: University of Donja Gorica, Art Communications from Podgorica, Center for international studies from Croatia and Center for european perspective from Slovenia. Project is supported by European commision within the program Erasmus + (invitation Capacity Building Youth – Western Balkans). BREV project ( Be ready for EU values ) has aim to encourage cooperation and exchange experiences between youth from Montenegro and EU through promotion of EU values between youth in Montenegro.