The fourth project meeting of the “Be Ready for EU Values” project was held on 11th of May 2017 at the Sea Fort hotel in Bar. The project is realized by Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI) in cooperation with partners the University of Donja Gorica, Art Communications from Podgorica, the Centre for International Relations from Croatia and the Centre for European Perspective from Slovenia. The meeting was attended by representatives of the partner organizations where they agreed on the dynamics of the project realization through envisioned activities. The first phase of the project realization refers to rasing the awareness of challenges in develepoment of the youth population in the EU and exchanging experience with Montenegro through the organization of yearly workshops, summer schools and meetings with the stakeholders. The second phase envisages the exchange of the best practices with the EU countries through the realization of student visits to Croatia and Slovenia. Sustainability will be best achieved through the establishament of a network of the youth and stakeholders on a national level, the creation of a website of the project, the promotion through media and social networks as well as establishment of an online learning platform. The coordination of the project is envisaged two times a year at project meetings, as well as three times a year on a national level. The partners agreed on key considerations about the way of organizing the future activities that primarily refered to the student visit to Slovenia, the fourth workshop as well as the fourth international school.